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Discover Arizona

Welcome to Arizona!

7 Interesting Facts About Arizona

Our state is deep with history. Here are some interesting facts about the State of Arizona:
  1. Arizona has more National Parks and National Monuments than any other state in the Union.
  2. The Grand Canyon is completely contained in Arizona --- thus our name, the "Grand Canyon State."
  3. The first European explorers, the Spanish, entered Arizona in 1540, eighty years before the Pilgrims arrived in America.
  4. Phoenix and Scottsdale enjoy over 320 days of sunshine each year.
  5. Arizona has the most square miles of Indian Reservations of any state.
  6. Arizona is the sixth largest state in area, with only 25 people per square mile.
  7. Arizona celebrated its 100th anniversary as a state on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2012.
Arizona State Flag

The History of Our Flag

The Arizona state flag was designed with our heritage in mind. The red and gold are for the Spanish who were our first visitors. The 13 gold and red rays are for the original 13 United States colonies. The design of these colors represents the rays of an Arizona sunset. The star is copper because this is our state's most important natural resource. The blue at the bottom is the color from our national flag.
Arizona Scenery

Amazing Features of Arizona

What an astonishing change of landscapes you will see as you travel from 1,200 ft. elevation in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area to the 3,300 ft. elevation of the high Chaparral. You'll be amazed when you rise up to the 7,000 ft. elevation of the Colorado Plateau, featuring the magnificent San Francisco Peaks at 12,000 ft., the tallest in Arizona. You'll be in awe of the haunting sandstone formations of the land of the Navajo. Arizona is rich in astonishing scenery and a multitude of life zones.
  • The Sonora Desert, the Only One of its Kind and the Most Lush Desert in the World
  • The High Chaparral
  • The Verde Valley
  • The Mogollon Rim
  • The Ponderosa Pine Forests of Northern Arizona
  • The Colorado Plateau

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